Hubert Österle

This paper is a call for a discipline Life Engineering. For more than fifty years, Business Engineering (initially referred to as systems analysis) has been concerned with the use of information technology for the benefit of companies and other organizations, for example through electronic markets. …

Does Instagram make you happy? Or sad? Let´s try to find out based on the QLM (quality of life model).

It comprises 13 needs as the main drivers of our behavior. These factors are the motivations behind our actions, such as being active on Instagram.

Let’s look at the QLM using an example. The teenager Clara is at an exciting party. She proudly takes a selfie of herself and her friends and posts it on…

Wenn ein Fussgänger in Shenzhen bei Rot über die Kreuzung geht, erhält er ein Strafmandat, bevor er die andere Strassenseite erreicht hat. Eine Gesichterkennungskamera identifiziert ihn, die Verkehrsüberwachung schickt ihm ein Strafmandat über WeChat, dessen Bezahlung über Alipay er nur noch bestätigen muss. Und die Behörde reduziert seinen Social Score.

Hubert Oesterle

Professor at University of St. Gallen, founder of several enterprises. Work areas: business engineering and life engineering. See wikipedia

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